A downloadable prototype for Android

Reclaimer is a mobile game prototype, fully playable on Android devices. The game is a feature-complete RPG with systems for an inventory, combat, dialogue, and even a shop where players can buy new gear. Players must escape from a dungeon, exploring their environment, collecting weapons and equipment, and fighting monsters through an exciting swipe-based combat system.

PLEASE NOTE: There are currently no plans to continue this project, and so the game is simply presented 'as-is', as such there may be missing content and potential bugs.


  • A complete demo level, that also serves as a basic tutorial for the game.
  • An inventory system, complete with equipment slots for a shield and a weapon.
  • A combat system that utilizes finger swipes on mobile devices to simulate medieval fantasy combat. 
  • Basic dialogue. 
  • Two enemy types - an orc and an EVIL WIZARD!
  • A shopkeeper who appears once the player has cleared the level. New powerful items can be purchased with the gold the player has collected.
  • A functional settings menu. 
  • A great soundtrack!

A GAME PROTOTYPE BY - Alex Tomkow, Jacob Reyes, Emanuel Azage, Drew Tsun, Matthew Coulter, and Luke D'Errico.




  • Tap on objects to interact.
  • When in combat, swipe with one finger to attack, and swipe with two fingers in the direction of the block indicator to block enemy attacks.


reclaimer.apk 50 MB

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