A downloadable game for Windows


originally conceived for ludum dare 40, where the theme was "the more you have, the worse it is" and i had to pee really really bad.

a brutal (and brutally short) comedic dialogue-heavy beat 'em up, with a few other minigames thrown in. filled to the brim with that good good pixel art.

the product of too much caffeine and too little sleep.

check out dem screenshots and these reviews:

"it's the next pac-man" - some asshole

"like teen wolf, but with more piss." - guy who has never watched teen wolf

"it's just not marketable... at all." - my dad (this one's real)

thx for checking my game out, it means a lot! <3


PISSWOLF 19.exe 12 MB


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pisswolf 18 was better


It's like LISA: THE PAINFUL's Down Syndrome brother.

Fart MIDI / 10


i absolutely fucking love this holy shit